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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some of the questions were commonly asked about air-conditioning.

    • To cool: Effectively reduce the temperature in any setting.
    • To heat: More efficient than conventional central heating systems 
    • To regulate humidity:  Controls the amount of moisture in the air.
    • To filter: Reduces the impact of dust particles, pollen and other contaminates which is of particular benefit to allergy sufferers.


Yes, most air conditioning systems do both heating and cooling. An air conditioning system is typically cheaper to run than combustion systems (Gas & Oil) and electric powered systems.

The life span of an air conditioning system varies on many factors, but the expected life span of a well-maintained system is 15 years.

The required power supply will depend on the unit being installed. We can assist and even organize the installation of power supply if requested.

We are proud to offer extended warranties, included in the price, on all equipment supplied and installed by us, subject to regular maintenance being carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

You’re not technically obliged to have any maintenance, however the warranty on your equipment will usually be invalidated if you don’t keep to a maintenance schedule. If you have a breakdown, you won’t be covered, as you won’t have been taking due care of the unit. You’ll be responsible for the cost of getting it fixed.

We can install a wide range of brands however we will always recommend best-in-class units which are known for quality and long-lasting reliability, allowing us to provide them with market-leading warranties. Popular units with our customers are Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic & Daikin.

We commonly repair air conditioning systems we have not installed and take over the repair and maintenance of the systems that have been in-situ for some time. On the first maintenance visit, we will assess all equipment and make any recommendations for any repairs or replacements where necessary.

It is now a legal obligation for air conditioning systems with a capacity greater than 12kW to be inspected once every five years in accordance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Owners of the system (or those who control it) are responsible for arranging these inspections to ensure that the system is operating efficiently and correctly and that it is suitable for the intended use. Sannick Ltd can advise customers on when inspections should occur and arrange for an inspection to take place by a certified inspection partner.

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