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Commercial Air Conditioning

An air conditioning system from Sannick Ltd is an energy efficient, great value way to heat or cool your business.

Commercial Air Conditioning

We can give you a friendly and professional service from your first enquiry, through your design and installation to the service and maintenance of your completed service.

Air Conditioning in the workplace

It is well recognised that employees work better in an air-conditioned environment – but did you know that air conditioning not only provides a healthier environment but has also been shown to reduce absenteeism during the hot months.

A hot, sticky environment in the workplace causes employees to suffer from lack of concentration and become tired and sluggish. Maintaining a comfortable temperature improves job performance and can lead to increased mental and physical activity. Filtering out of dust particles, pollen, micro-organisms and bacteria can have enormous beneficial effects on the health on employees, not only improving performance, but also reducing days lost due to illness.

Shops with air conditioning make for a more pleasant experience for customers, encouraging them to shop for longer.

We are proud to offer extended warranties, included in the price, on all equipment supplied and installed by us, subject to regular maintenance being carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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